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How I Found My 'Why'

Hello, I’m Phoebe and I’ve been a dog lover since I can remember. In fact, my earliest memory in life is of my Grandad’s Yorkshire Terrier, Mitzi, sitting on a record player.

The next dog in my life was Brandy, a Border Collie who showed me how magical a bond with a dog can truly be. He had almost human eyes - windows to his soul. He could read my emotions and communicate without words.

Brandy was fun, affectionate, a true gent, clever beyond belief and his wisdom grew with his age. The best friend you could ever wish for, he gave me 16 years of love and joy. We grew up together and losing him was awful, but I’m so grateful he was part of my life.

No dog could ever replace Brandy, but I’ve since fostered countless dogs who have all brought something unique and special to my home and heart. All have had such different but equally lovable personalities.

Giving every single foster dog back has broken my heart and it never gets easier.

But you have to let one go to help another.

Shelter dogs often come with issues & it opened my eyes to how misunderstood these animals can be.

In my opinion, there are no bad dogs & no bad owners either (except those who mistreat animals - I don’t condone cruelty of any kind). Most often, there’s simply a lack of understanding between humans & dogs which can lead to frustration, confusion, anxiety & ultimately, in the most unfortunate cases, abandonment.

After fostering so many discarded dogs & working with them to overcome issues in hope they would find forever homes, this became my mission statement:

Help humans and dogs build bonds and boundaries,

for a mutually harmonious permanent relationship.

With every dog I train, my goal is to connect them & their owners through clear communication, affection & fun. Just like Brandy taught me.

Once that relationship is formed, nothing can break the bond. There is truly no love like it.

Be patient with your pet, guide them, love them & forgive them if they make mistakes. Forgive yourself too. Your dog won’t hold a grudge, so you shouldn’t either.

When we work together, we woof together - and THAT is a DOUBLE WOOF. 🙌🏽

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